Ashwagandha compound may be effective anti-COVID drug: Study by IIT-D

The pandemic outrage of COVID -19 has left the world perplexed. It has made the world ponder if this will continue forever. It is also noticed that many countries have learned to live with the virus with all possible precautionary measures. The impact of the novel coronavirus resulted in 328 thousand deaths so far. The world has seen such massive outbreaks in the past, and the medicinal protection was also identified. 

Hunt for Vaccination

The global prayer at the moment is to ‘repeat history’ to fight COVID – 19. The yearning requirement is a clinical treatment or preventive medicine to be found soon. The exploration of the treatments is already on in many countries.

Many Universities worldwide are in the race to find the treatments for novel coronavirus. One of them is IIT. In the recent development Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi has come up with a revolutionary medicinal identification in the form of Ashwagandha.

Less Known Benefits

Ashwagandha is a very ancient herb used in Ayurvedic medicines. The inbound chemical composition of the herb helps to cure a lot of sicknesses among people. This is an incredible find by the scientists of IIT to treat the supposed to be a never-ending pandemic. 

The benefits of Ashwagandha in treating coronavirus are

  • Naturally builds immunity in the body that fights the infection
  • Breaks the enzymes that induce spreading feature of the virus
  • The replication can be majorly avoided
  • Fights respiratory ailments effectively

The above said are a few beneficial factors of Ashwagandha which are the reasons to be the best ant-viral drug against the novel virus. WHO has offered complete support to any nation or a university or any varsity that identifies traditional treatments to fight the pandemic spread.

Collaborative Effort

The fantastic find of the therapeutic, as well as preventive drug, is done by a team of experts from IIT-D and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). The research team is highly confident on the ayurvedic herb to be the effective treatment to the novel coronavirus.

The research team claims Ashwagandha to be the best for the following reasons

  • The use of right quantity gives the best results
  • The herb is highly stable in any condition
  • The bio active ingredients are stronger than any other medicine in the world

The government of India has also encouraged many varsities to work on identifying the uses of Ashwagandha to be a protective drug against Coronavirus. 

Vaccine development is the need of the hour. The world is racing to identify the medicine to fight this deadly pandemic. WHO plays a vital role in such situations, offering support and help to the nations striving hard to find the medicine. This must be fast, not only fast but effective, not only effective but also affordable. The pandemic has already ravished the economy of the world. Spending too much on the inevitable vaccine must not ruin the treasury more. Ashwagandha is a nature’s gift and using it wisely shall help the world survive.

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