This virus is now going to stay with us, as other bacteria and viruses do, so, to survive we need to adapt.

Dr. Ankita Baidya, Infectious Diseases Physician, Delhi

MD AIIMS, Former SR Infectious Diseases AIIMS New Delhi
Infectious Diseases training from DMC Detroit, Wayne State University, USA

“Survival of the fittest” truly stands correct and apt in the current pandemic of COVID-19.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic is a deadly ongoing pandemic caused by a virus that originated from China. During the last 6 months, the virus has claimed a huge number of lives across the globe. In the current situation, there is no effective treatment against the virus. A lot of efforts are being put, globally to get effective and safe antivirals and also the vaccine that can help in the prevention against the COVID-19 infection. But till now, no success is achieved either in treatment or in vaccine development.

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has changed lives in a lot many ways. These changes are the need of the current time and situation to be safe and protected against this disease with no antivirals available.

As we are seeing that the virus mutates at the genetic level in order to survive and spread, similarly, we, the human beings, have to change our way of living, to stay safe from this deadly virus.

Now, the new normal life is certainly going to differ from what we have lived 6 months ago. The experience of lockdown and the modification that we need to adapt in order to stay protected from this virus, need to be continued even after the lockdown.

Certainly, life after the lockdown gets over is going to be the difference in the way we lived.

  • No person without the mask will be leaving home, else, he will be risking his life and others too.
  • No mass gatherings will be seen, or accepted the way it happened before.
  • People will maintain distance while talking and standing In queues.
  • Frequent washing of hands and the use of sanitizer will be done.
  • More work from home, then in office. E-commerce and online deliveries will be preferred.
  • A lot of awareness is there regarding safety and hygiene, setting up priority to eat healthily, and boost immunity.

Women’s health has also seen a change in all ways, be it social, psychological personal, or professional, or be it as a mother, a wife, a daughter, or a working woman. The stress related to the health of family members especially the kids have seen the next level. Many women are seeking psychological support also. Domestic violence has marital fights that have increased leading to disruption in family and personal life.  Few women have changed their lifestyle during lockdown by adding daily exercises and a positive attitude toward the on-going situation, and as such they are in better control of life in all aspects. Women are also worried related to the diet and nutrition of the family, taking extra care of the same. Sometimes, this being overcautious also lead to anxiety in them. I just want to say, that the women should also adapt to the positive attitude, and rather than worrying about the do’s & Don’ts, they should take precautions in simple ways and add a healthy diet and daily exercise in the family routine. Remember, immunity is not build up in a day! Stay calm.

Keeping a good and updated vaccination schedule. I, As an Infectious Diseases Physician, getting a lot of queries regarding the vaccine, if any, that can provide any cross-protection against COVID-19.

But, what I can say that, this virus is now going to stay with us, as other bacteria and viruses do, so, to survive we need to adapt.

The theory of “Survival of the fittest” truly stands correct and apt in the current pandemic of COVID-19.

Dr. Ankita Baidya
Infectious Diseases Physician

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