We never had thought in our dreams that an invisible micrometer virus can have such an unimaginable impact on our lives.

Dr. Swati Maheshwari
Internal Medicine Specialist

PAUSE! PAUSE! PAUSE! Yelled the depraved virus and the mightiest earth had no choice but to listen to this measly being (or nonbeing rather). Never had we thought in our wildest dreams that an invisible micrometer virus can have such an unimaginable impact on our existence and wreck such a worldwide carnage; Leaving us shocked, completely stump out, bewildered, and also incomprehensibly helpless. Over the years we as humans have amassed all the powers one can think of, reigning as masters of the universe, and here comes a tiny virus and usurps our kingdom and threatens our existence.
Completely beaten! yet we try to ourselves as we know no battle is lost till the last breath. One thing is for sure we are not the ones who give up, we have fought the worst of wars and survived and one more time we will prove it. We will wait patiently till we lay our despicable enemy at the altar until then we will camouflage (use a mask )and move cleverly avoiding all susceptible contacts with this omnipotent virus (social distancing ).Like it or not, that’s the strategy decided upon by the well experienced seasoned public health experts across the world and history have taught us many well-meaning lessons, so think no more and save yourself and your loved ones and your beloved country from the wrath before the damage caused breaks our back completely. Adaptation is sometimes the best survival attempt. Our life henceforth changes or rather adapts to changing situations, the way we
live, move, work, play, socialize, entertain, shop, and each and every step of ours.

Rules of the battle:

  • Step out with masks and a sanitizer or a soap strip …. yes, our enemy needs good washing!
  • Keep a safe distance from fellow humans …yes, we need to break the critical virus transmission chain.
  • Sanitise the surfaces …. yes, we need to suffocate our enemy.
  • Keep elderly and children at home …. yes, we need to save our more vulnerable ones.
  • Build your immunity…. yes, that acts as a deterrent for the virus.
  • Promote health communication …. yes, less aware need to be updated on the impending threat.
  • Refrain from stigmatizing the ones caught by the virus …. yes, the false perception of eugenics has no protective role.

We have to go back to building our economy and restart our halted businesses and restore our productivity. Our innovative instincts will play a major role moving forward and define our success, we have to devise methods and techniques to work efficiently keeping the rules of the battle in mind. Despite an unprecedented global effort being made to find a vaccine the future of vaccines remains elusive at present. Whether a vaccine or potent treatment will arrive sooner or later or even worse… never, for all the scenarios we need to be prepared for the eventualities and this makes adopting changes even more essential. Greatest challenges will arise when besides helping the ailing economy recuperate, it comes to finding the essence of our life, our happiness back when we enjoy moments of life without feeling these bondages and compulsions attached against our wishes. But if we sincerely strive towards it and attain that level of happiness and contentment in today’s circumstances then its no less than slaying the enemy and this seemingly unformidable virus will get defeated morally.

Dr. Swati Maheshwari
Internal Medicine Specialist

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