What is depression ? What are the reasons behind depression ? and how we can treat depression?

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Depression is a kind of mood disorder in which a person starts to feel helpless, hopeless and worthless and the solution of things seems invisible to the person. He/she believes negative, pessimistic.

Every person or situation seems negative. He/She feels loneliness. He/She believes that nobody understands his/her situation, none is his/her own, stops to enjoy life, can’t focus on work, self esteem gets low, and experiences a lack of confidence.

There are many other symptoms of depression like eating disorder, either lack or gain  of weight, fatigue, less energy, doesn’t feel like talking to others, get frustrated after social interactions, recurring thoughts of suicide and death will cross this mind, mood swings can also exist. Sleeping disorders like insomnia can be observed. The person will either sleep whole day and night or will not sleep at all and random thoughts will remain tangling the mind.

When we notice these symptoms in a person. Then the person is said to be suffering from depression.

The thought pattern of a depressed person in a common man’s language.

The thought pattern goes like:-

  • What’s in life?
  • Why live?
  • What’s the purpose?
  • What’s the goal?
  • Why are we getting up?
  • Why are we walking?
  • No one understands me.
  • No one loves me.
  • I am not able to connect with people.
  • Where are we heading to?
  • There’s no end to this.
  • No solution to this. The problem is not going to end.
  • This situation is permanent. If you are having these thoughts then somewhere inside you are heading to the depression.

 Reasons behind depression.

Let’s start with 5 main reasons:-

  1. Change in neurotransmitters of the brain like a decrease in the levels of Serotonin
  2. Genetic or personality disorder
  3. Psychological factors:- Low emotional quotient where a person is unable to regulate his/her emotions in a positive direction or become impulsive.
  4. Environmental factors:-When something is happening around you. For example- The Covid-19 situation which is going on now. This is a very challenging time for social beings and we are not allowed to meet our loved ones. We can’t go out or indulge in social activities. Our freedom is being compromised, we can’t do our work, Uncertainty, insecurity, and anxiety are existing altogether. These all are leading and contributing factors of depressions.
  5. Medical conditions also trigger depression.

Now it’s time to discuss the treatment

  1. First of all stay positive and motivated. Always try to find out the positive aspects of the situation.
  2. Gratitude:- Focus on what you have. Don’t think about what you lack. Count your blessings And pay your gratitude for what you possess.
  3. Work on your self-esteem.
  4. Feel confident in your capacity and capability that you can show whatever you are facing right now.
  5. Talk, talk, talk, reach out to people you care, and who cares for you. Tell them whatever you are feeling. They will definitely understand you. don’t try to be alone or isolated, keep yourself busy.
  6. If nothing is working for you. Reach out to the counselor. Talk therapy and counseling always work. This is not a taboo. It’s also a medical condition and please reach out to the help counselor. They will help you to heal, they will understand you and accordingly will make you understand.
  7. Increase oxygen levels in your body by doing exercise mindfulness meditation or positive affirmation. Give yourself positive affirmation like this is a temporary situation and it holds a solution. And I will be able to solve this and will definitely come out of this.

Dr. Gitanjali Sharma, Psychologist

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