10,000 people in Mumbai under sero survey and the result are soon to be out.

BMC has tested over than 10,000 people in Mumbai under sero-survey and the result of the same are soon to be out. The survey was carried out in three wards M-West (Chembur), F-North and R-North (Dahisar). The survey was conducted in collaboration with NITI Ayog and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

  • Earlier the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare declared the results of a serological survey carried out in Delhi between June 27 and July 10, which showed that 23.48% of the people was affected in Delhi, surveyed had developed IgG antibodies, indicating they had been exposed to the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19.
Dr. Satyendar Jain
Health Minister, Delhi

Delhi government has decided to conduct sero survey every month to understand the spread of the virus in Delhi,” said Dr. Satyendar Jain.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had also conducted a pilot sero survey in 83 districts in 21 states. The initial results indicate that the percentage of the general population that could have been infected in the past was 0.73 percent, with urban areas showing a higher prevalence of 1.09 percent.

What is Sero survey ?

  • Sero survey is about when doctors test the blood of a section of the general population to check the presence of anti-bodies to any disease. Antibodies develop only when the person had contracted the disease in the past. It not only indicates how far among the general population the disease has spread but whether the people are moving towards herd immunity.
  • Survey seeks to assess the prevalence of the disease in a general population by detecting the presence of specific antibodies against the virus. A serological test is performed to diagnose infections and autoimmune illnesses. It can also be conducted to check if a person has developed immunity to certain diseases.

Why we need this Sero survey ?

  • Sero surveillance serve as important data to guide containment strategies and this exercise needs to be done periodically to know the exact burden of the disease from time to time and device appropriate strategies. To establish a trend, this type of survey needs to be repeated.

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