You should know about the Oxford vaccine trial suspension.

University of Oxford and AstraZeneca backed COVID vaccine, which was one of the first ones to head to trials and consequently, start large scale phase III trials came to a temporary ‘halt’ this week (September 08), after one of the volunteers in the study developed neurological complications due to unexplained reasons.

“Our standard review process was triggered and we voluntarily paused vaccination to allow review of safety data by an independent committee,” AstraZeneca, which is developing the vaccine in partnership with the U.K.’s University of Oxford

Soon after, the multi-nation trials were also brought to a halt. Trials for the vaccine, which were in phase II and III in India were also paused, after Serum Institute of India received a show-cause notice.

Serum Institute had said on Wednesday that it had not faced any issues in its trials so far and that it was continuing with its trials here. However, the DCGI issued a show cause notice to the vaccine manufacturer late on Wednesday evening asking why the company had not informed the regulator about the issues faced by AstraZeneca during trials in the UK.

While thehe global death toll from the coronavirus passed 908,017 on Friday, as worldwide cases topped 28,054,396.

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