Pancreatic cancer: Symptoms, treatment and more

Pancreatic cancer is among one of the most common cancers to occur in human body and despite the amount of research and technological advance, it till date remains one of the most dangerous cancers. Before we move ahead, let’s take a look at what the organ is, where it is located in the body and it’s functions.

LOCATION: In the abdomen behind the stomach

FUNCTION: Main function is to release insulin and maintain the body’s sugar level; release digestive juices to help digestion

Dr. Asit Arora (principal consultant and chief GI and HPB Oncosurgeon max super specialty hospital, Delhi) elaborates on the topic.

According to Dr. Arora most common sites for the cancer are it’s head and the uncinate process on the right side. The reasons given for the cancer to occur are: Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive non-vegetarian food, obesity, lack of physical activities, genetic causes.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer:

Jaundice, pain above the stomach that goes towards the backbone, loss of appetite, loss of weight are some common symptoms.

“Initially doctors advise the patients for CT and PET scans for the treatment of the cancer but the treatment that can give long term relief from it is, surgery. Unfortunately, the patients often reach the doctors in later stages of the cancer where conducting a surgery is not possible but if the cancer is detected in it’s early stage where is it is still confined within the pancreas, surgery in such cases can prove to be curative for the patients. In the case of LAPC i.e. Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer which is an advanced stage of the cancer wherein it has affected the nearby blood vessels, such patients go through chemotherapy first and then undergo surgery, this also leads to good results. But the patients who reach the doctors in the last stage or the fourth stage of cancer can only be treated through chemotherapy.

The only way to avoid such a deadly disease is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a balanced diet, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, physical activities and keep your weight in check. In case if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, kindly do not ignore them and consult a specialist. Cancer dedicated centers are advisable in case you happen to have pancreatic cancer.” Says Dr. Arora.

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