Overthinking leads to mental problems

In today’s times stress has become an inseparable part of every individual’s life. Every aspect of their lives has its own share of problems that leaves them overthinking, worrying and eventually stressed out. The main reason we tend to overthink is our belief that we may find a solution to the problem but this is not what usually happens, the problem remains the way it is with us losing our mental equilibrium.

According to Saima Khan, a psychotherapist, overthinking is often associated to bigger psychological issues such as depression and anxiety disorder. Psychological problems arise when the constant worrying starts to take its toll on an individual’s physical and mental health. She further elaborates on the types of overthinkers.

The first type consists of people who keep on dwelling on their negative past and secondly, the people who have a tendency to negatively evaluate their future.

If you find yourself unable of relaxing, bringing your mind at peace and this starts to affect your work, sleep adversely and begins to hamper your daily functioning, makes you feel sad and irritable often, then this matter requires attention. The concerned person should either seek professional help or may even talk to someone close to them about it so that a solution to this can be reached at the earliest.

Most of the overthinkers tend to stick in between their past and future and are unable to live in their present which is extremely important. If the thoughts happen to be repetitive and numerous which makes it difficult to focus on each of them then sitting down with a pen and paper to note them down is advisable. This helps you narrow down on the main few critical problems of which the solutions are difficult to be found. Take a close look at those few problems and think how can they be solved. Two simple ways for this are firstly, to look if you have some support that may help you overcome it and secondly to give your worries some time. Try to divert your mind through out the day and set a particular time to think upon the matters that worry you in short, give yourself a “worry time” and then tend each problem separately. If you find yourself unable of following the above two methods then seeking professional help is the best option as through this you take one step towards taking care better care of your both mental and physical health.

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